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MARCH 2021
A convergence approaches. Forces in opposition begin their final journey toward impact. The world tilts and there is no hope to stop it now. Brace for collision. Watch these boundaries shatter.

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Reid Maestro
 Posted: Jul 8 2017, 04:09 PM
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23 years old

Music Shop

Wizarding World

As he waited for his gathered guests to be seated – he’d transfigured several rows of chairs out of various objects found lying around the shop front, ready for the meeting – Reid found that he couldn’t stand still. Instead, he paced up and down the limited space that was left at the front of the shop, flexing his wand distractedly between his hands. It was a nervous energy that filled him; the determination to do something about the horrendous situation that had overcome the people of Hogsmeade had finally won out against the paralysing fear that had previously held him in thrall, spurred on by the visit from Dylan and Sylvie earlier that week – if students could mount a defense against the forces of evil that had apparently taken over the magical world, why not him? Reid was not a born leader, being much better suited to parties and debauchery than heading the resistance against Morrigan and her followers, but the person he would have turned to a month ago to lead them had been… unreliable, ever since the events of Valentine’s Day, and so everything had fallen to him.

His eyes flicked over to Dexter, then back down to the floor as he continued his pacing, barely a pause in his footsteps. Dexter had been all that was holding him together in the weeks following the train crash. He’d been such a solid and comforting presence, so intent on doing all that he could to work out the limits of the barrier, to communicate with the outside world, that it had bolstered Reid’s spirit, at least enough to get past the nightmares of dead students that had plagued him ever since. It had given him a purpose – defeat the barrier – in a time when he would otherwise have surrendered to despair. Yet, in the weeks since the 14th, Dexter had been uncharacteristically quiet, almost absenting himself entirely from Reid’s presence when before he had been dragging him all over Hogsmeade in search of some clue or another. Initially, Reid had chalked it up to sadness – who wouldn’t be a little despondent after seeing their spouse, without being able to so much as embrace them, and with no reprieve from the damned barrier in sight? But one week had turned into two, then three, and Dexter had continued to curl in on himself, as if blocking out the rest of the world. It was so unlike him that Reid had begun to suspect foul play, and had spent several worried nights contemplating whether or not to even invite him to the meeting, fears of the Imperius Curse bouncing around in his brain. He’d eventually dismissed these as paranoia; he’d always been wary of that particular curse, ever since learning of its existence in Defence Against the Dark Arts classes, hating the idea of not knowing whether or not your nearest and dearest were being controlled against their will, and his heightened nerves had evidently picked up on this fear and run with it. He’d decided at last that he couldn’t with good reason exclude Dex from the gathering and had finally called in on him in the previous evening. Owls were evidently being monitored, and he couldn’t risk whoever was monitoring them getting wind of this meeting, so he had visited all those present in person to invite them to attend, divulging the time and date in an urgent, hushed whisper.

He’d had a good turn-out. Almost everyone he’d invited had shown up, for which he was glad. He’d only approached familiar faces, people he thought he could trust; and so, as he scanned the attendees, he felt distinctly comforted by their presence. Even Ashley Aasen and the Head Boy were in attendance, as well as a few other interested parties from Hogwarts. For the first time since the barrier had fallen into place around them, Reid began to feel safe. This was what they had been missing; some form of cohesion, the beginnings of a plan. It was high time to band together against the atrocities that had been thrown at them. He dug his heels in and came to a halt at the front of the shop, pacing ceased, turning to address the friends that had gathered before him.

”Thank you all for coming,” he began, nodding to various faces that caught his eye – Puck, Iris, Maddi. ”I’ve called you all together because… well, because things have gone from bad to worse, honestly.” He shifted, conscious of the eyes upon him. ”It’s time we took action. We’re effectively cut off from the outside world. No communication is getting through at all, now, and that means that we can’t expect any help from the Ministry, or the rest of the wizarding world. We’re on our own.” He paused to let the words sink in, but continued quickly. ”Which means that we need to be enough by ourselves.”

”It’s time to get organised. We’re trapped in here with werewolves and Merlin knows what else. Our supply lines are cut; I don’t know about you guys, but my business can’t run like this. I think our main focus should be on finding a way out. I’m sure you’ve all noticed the influx of new faces in Hogsmeade. They change every week! Which means that, somehow, there’s a way in and out that they know about.” Reid began to pace again, his thoughts tumbling through him too fast to stay standing still. He glanced up at Dexter again, making eye contact this time, nodding gratefully. ”Dex made a start on figuring out the bounds of the barrier, but I think we could do a lot more with everyone here involved. There’s got to be a way through it. That’s where I need your help.” He paused again, eyes flicking from one face to another. ”Up at the school, they’ve started patrolling the corridors to make sure students are in bed by curfew. I don’t think we need a bedtime out here, but patrols could be useful to keep track of any funny business, and any potential threats. Here…” He reached into his waistcoat pocket and brought out a tightly-folded bundle of parchment, unfolding it and beginning to hand out little squares of paper to the front row, indicating that they should take one and pass the pile back. ”Enchanted parchment. Keep a quill on you, and we can communicate with each other if something out of the ordinary happens. Keep everyone informed.” He stood, watching the parchment be distributed. Once the murmuring had settled, he nodded to Ashley Aasen, a tone of respect entering his voice. He hoped it wasn’t too much to ask of the man so soon after his attack, but… ”You may have noticed our Professor here. He’s kindly agreed to give us all a quick recap of useful defensive spells and enchantments after the meeting, to make sure that everyone is up to speed. It’s good stuff to have handy, especially in a pinch.”

”That’s all I have for now,” he admitted, taking his wand back from where he’d placed it in his waistband and flexing it between his hands once more. A few sparks flew out of the end in protest and he quickly released his grip. ”That’s why you’re here – I wanted to put all our heads together, to see if we can’t come up with a few more ideas.” He gazed out over the sea of faces, expression almost a little desperate but resolutely determined. ”Anything you can think of. Let’s get a brainstorm going.”

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Dylan Illingworth
 Posted: Jul 11 2017, 02:59 AM
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18 years old

7th Year Student

Head Boy

Dylan quickly increased his pace; he wanted to be on time for the meeting that was about to commence but he held been held up by his homework and as a result, lost track of time. Right after he had dumped his school books on his bed and changed into something more comfortable, he straightaway headed to his usual haunt where Reid would be conducting a meeting among the villagers. He barely just made when Reid began the session; he ended up lingering at the back instead of the front where he would have liked to be.

He had been surprised to see Professor Aasen there as well and fell into place next to him, feeling at ease with his trusted professor next to him. The older man had helped Dylan with confronting his fears and coming to terms with the fact that his brother would always be on the front lines, risking his life for everybody else, although it seemed that the younger Illingworth had yet to realise that he was the sole motivation for his brother.

There were quite a number of people who had turned up, some of which Dylan recognised and some of them which he did not. Madison was a familiar face, having seen her around in school before she graduated. "What are you doing here, Professor?" he murmured to the older man.

Reid began to speak about the issues; it was at the most desperate moment they had to address the issues that were bound to fall such as the supplies being cut off. Then there was the mention of new faces too and Hogsmeade was not a huge town; if there were unfamiliar faces, the villagers would be bound to recognise it but like Reid had mentioned, there had been an influx in new faces here and there, which meant Morrigan had more people working for her than he expected.

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Dexter Westwell-Lamora
 Posted: Jul 12 2017, 05:39 PM
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39 years old

Sugar peddler

Wizarding World

Dexter had spent all day on his first batch of sweets for the weekend, but he had stopped for this. Some days before, Reid Maestro had visited the shop and told him all about it. He must not arouse enough suspicion before Saturday to foil the plan, and an unease had already been weighing on him that the man may have noted his disinterest in the affairs since the previous month. It had been the right thing to do, he had his order and was in no doubt about that. But it must be balanced against the suspicion, so he knew he must play along, and attend. He feigned great interest in the idea, pride at the young man having organised it, and promised he would be there.

So he was, early, staying by Reid to show his support. He listened to him speak, and it became clear he was expecting a fight, what with the talk of spellwork. All to the better - the crude control that had been put on them inevitably would end that way, but they would never see his mistress coming. No magical combat could fight a poison that ate you from the inside. All the chaos had clearly worked in her favour, and she could enact this under the cover of it. So he was more than willing to play along with something that had nothing to do with her plans, provided they didn't somehow mount a successful attack in the next three days. Which, given who they could get as a leader, seemed unlikely.

He took his piece of parchment and passed them along. It would be useful, nonetheless, to know what they would be doing, just in case there was a chance of it impacting. Returning to maintaining his cover as the man most everyone in the room was very familiar with, not to mention the fact that he had been referenced directly, he had no choice but to speak. But what to say? If they were to patrol the town they may as well tail the strangers, see what could be learned. Of course Ksenija and the post office were strictly off-limits, however. But he felt no motivation to share the idea.

"I tried, but it's huge, it would take an army to figure it out, and even then... there probably isn't exactly a door in it." He summoned up the sound of black-humoured defeat into his voice. He should probably do a little more. He held up the parchment as he spoke. "This is a great idea. Thank you, Reid, for all of this. Safe to say we all needed it." He nodded to the man, satisfied he'd done his bit, at least for the moment.

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Ashley Aasen
 Posted: Jul 13 2017, 08:49 PM
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41 years old

DADA Professor

Hogwarts Staff

His first trip back to Hogsmeade alone since his attack had Ashley so greatly disquieted that he had left the castle much earlier than necessary, aware as he was that he would need to retrace his steps many more times than usual. Icarus had been given a promise and a kiss before he left, a gentle brush of Ash's fingertips against his heart in the silent way he communicated the I love you that would have been too soon coming from his mouth instead of his hands. Then he had gone, his wand shielding him with a cast charm from the rain that fell as he made his way to the village below. Even with the extra minutes he had given himself, Ashley had barely made it in time, and he kept his wand in hand after stepping through the door and making note of those who had chosen to attend.

It was no secret that he had opposed Morrigan. Someone had to be vocal about it, else she would likely have redoubled her efforts to search for those who opposed her in secret. It was in this way that Ash had been willing to bear the brunt of whatever retribution the witch would seek to inflict upon those who resisted her. Better him than his students, his love, his friends. Better he, whose profession depended on his ability to teach others to defend themselves than anyone else, even if it had nearly cost him his life. The wolf might have died too, with the wound he had given her, but he had no proof and she had run. If she was out there somewhere, he would expect her, and teach others to expect her and those like her.

With his hands worrying at the hem of his sleeve, Ash watched as Reid paced back and forth before them. The movement was familiar to him--he paced before nearly every class-- and it made his own nervous feet want to move again. Glancing down at them as if to reprimand them, he looked up to spot the Head Boy, Dylan Illingworth settle in next to him. "Hello, Mister Illingworth. Presently attempting to convince my feet not to move. Generally? I suppose I'm here to see to everyone's skill set, to ensure they're able to defend themselves and the town should it come to that." he said, a near-whisper so as not to interrupt Reid, should he choose to start speaking. "We should walk back together, perhaps."

Reid spoke, then, and Ash listened to his words but watched the crowd. Dexter was there, and he gave the man a subdued smile, hoping that he was managing his separation from his husband a little better now that he knew that Lance had recovered more fully. Despite having only two months together with Icarus, he could not imagine being forced apart in such a way. His mornings were distinctly improved when he woke up to that sweet, kind man. This was as much for him as anyone else-- Ash knew Icarus was friendly with a few in the village, and that reasoning only added to the long list of why he should want to help them defend themselves. It was simple, and the right thing to do.

Turning his attention back to Reid upon hearing his name, Ash nodded. His fingers drifted to his wand to check it, and he waited for Reid and Dexter to finish before speaking himself. "Em, yes, hello. I'm Ash Aasen, for those of you who may not know me. I started teaching Defense Against The Dark Arts up at Hogwarts this November past…" He realized, perhaps a moment too late, that these people would not have been quite as used to his soft-spokenness as his students might have been and made an effort to speak up a little. "I'm happy to go over some extra defense for any who wish to hear it, later. If there is anyone who has knowledge that might be useful in mapping the barrier, I would be happy to hear it. Please do not take this as a request to try yourselves. I'm afraid it's very dangerous, and there are those who are eager to dissuade us from doing exactly that."

His fingers flitted up toward his scar, but he caught them, curling them around his wand as he fell silent. There were some questions he could answer, but a full scale search for the artefact was far too dangerous. If word reached Morrigan's followers and they moved it, where would they be?

He worried at his bottom lip with his teeth, his sleeve with his hand, and shifted his weight from right, to left, to right. They wouldn't survive another two months locked in like this.

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