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Time advances and past traumas grow easier to forget, but dread gathers in the Wizarding World once more. Where do shadows go to hide? What do they do when no one is watching...?
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» Argyris, Cassiopeia Ariadne, Jaz
Cassiopeia Argyris
 Posted: Jul 13 2017, 09:57 AM
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17 years old

7th year student


Cassiopeia Ariadne Argyris

17 years old. 7th year student. Hogwarts. Gryffindor. Ariana Debose.

Jaz. 15. CST. PM.

The mother, a fiery woman born in Sierra Leone. She was raised in poverty and fear, in the middle of a civil war that she couldn’t even begin to comprehend until her teenage years. She watched her father’s murder, followed by her mother’s descent into depression that eventually culminated in her death as a result of undernutrition and exhaustion. Asha was only thirteen years old then, and spent the rest of her teenage years as an orphan, a street rat. She fled Africa when she was sixteen years old, seeking greener pastures elsewhere. After a year, she finally settled down in the United States. It was a year later that she me...

The father, a stoic man hailing from Greece. He was raised to appreciate the wonders of the world around him, and the wonders of his strange and mysterious abilities. Possessing magical promise, but no means of education, his potential went largely unrealized until he took matters into his own hands and made an effort—albeit a mostly unsuccessful one—to teach himself. He only got so far, but at least he learned how not to lose control. At the age of twenty-four, he went to study in the United States.


Asha and Michaelis fell in love. Before they were even married, Asha found herself pregnant with Michaelis’s baby. Asha never wanted to be a mother. She didn’t dislike children, but she’d seen so many killed it was hard to imagine a different fate for her own child, even if they were far from the danger. Asha, in her anger, told Michaelis to get out of her house, and he did. She refused to terminate the pregnancy, having been raised a Catholic and having a moral opposition to abortion. She carried the pregnancy to term, giving birth to a beautiful, healthy baby girl.


Michaelis returned a few days after the baby was born, and Asha managed to swallow her pride and let him back into her life. He insisted they keep the baby, despite Asha’s reluctance. She agreed in spite of herself. He was the one who named her:

It seemed she was fated for both hardships and joy right from the start. Cassiopeia—known for her beauty and her vanity, the latter of which would ultimately lead to her demise. Michaelis has never regretted his daughter’s name. She is beautiful, and she knows it as well as anyone. She cannot be described as vain, but a few steps in the wrong direction could take her there with ease. She needed something to ground her, to keep her humble.

The earth and the little sister. Born eight years after Cassiopeia, Gaia became what kept Cassiopeia grounded. The two formed a bond that could only be made between sisters. It seemed young Cassiopeia would not meet the same fate as her namesake had. Her mother and father could only hope. Gaia was a sweet little thing, albeit a little bratty at times. There was something else about her that Michaelis doesn't know.

Gaia’s father. Asha, drunk and angry with Michaelis for reasons she couldn't remember well enough to articulate, had an affair with a man named Charles, who didn’t stay for longer than one night. Cassiopeia never met him. She found out she was pregnant a few weeks later, and never told Michaelis it wasn't his baby. How could she? What would he do? He’d leave her, that much she knew. Gaia doesn’t know Michaelis isn’t her father, either

A major city in New York, filled with all manner of people; from the rich to the penniless, famous and infamous. She loved it there. The bustling metropolis was her home, and she couldn’t imagine her life anywhere else. She ran around the city with her band of friends in an effort to stay away from the apartment the family lived in, where her parents were fighting—always fighting. She stayed away from home as much as possible, avoiding the problem because she didn't know how else to deal with it. She never spoke about it to anyone. As far as her friends were concerned, she was a confident girl with a happy home life, and she saw no reason to tell them anything different. She always made sure her parents were asleep before she returned.

The constant conflict at home made her uncertain and wary of any close relationships she might form. She has abandonment issues, and as a result, she struggles to form any meaningful relationships. She hides this part of her from everyone else, desiring to be seen as confident and happy by her peers. She compensates for her insecurities with a fiery temperament, lashing out at anyone who dares to question her apparent confidence. That is how she copes, as she doesn’t know any other ways to do so. ‘Fake it till you make it’.

When Michaelis found work in Great Britain, the family packed their things and took a plane to Brighton, settling down in that area. They bought a house that was part of a duplex, though they never interacted with their neighbors much. Cassiopeia, being only ten years old, took a long time to adjust to her new surroundings, and it was a hard fight. She had never liked changes—even small ones, such as a change in her morning routine. This was too much. She hated it.

David Whitman, the divorce attorney. Cassiopeia saw a lot of him during that first year. Her parent’s fighting escalated to such a point that they couldn't stand being around each other. Her mother moved out while the divorce was finalized and the papers were filled out. Asha handed custody of Cassiopeia over to Michaelis without a fight. She had never wanted children in the first place. The divorce was finalized eight months after they moved to Brighton.

Diagon Alley
After a year, she had become fully adjusted. After her eleventh birthday, which fell on the summer solstice, she received a formal invitation to Hogwarts. Her father, with the help of one of the teachers from Hogwarts, took her to Diagon Alley to buy the supplies she’d need, as well as her choice of pet (a cat she named Lotus). Michaelis was a proud man. His daughter would finally get the education he’d never received. He saw her off at King’s Cross Station on the first of September.

The castle was huge. That was Cassiopeia's first thought. It was huge and exciting and wonderful, and she couldn't wait to explore every inch of it. The boat carried her closer and closer, and she felt her heart beat faster and faster. They could not get there soon enough. Cassiopeia struck up conversations with her fellow first years in order to distract herself until they arrived. She feared her heart might explode with excitement.

When her name was called, Cassiopeia ran up to the front of the Great Hall, sitting down on the stool as the hat was placed on her head. It had barely touched her when it called: “GRYFFINDOR”. The house for the daring, the courageous. Cassiopeia grinned with excitement as she ran to join her housemates. These were her people. She’d fit in well here. She was sure of it. If there was one thing she had, it was nerve.

And fit in well she did. She made new friends with ease, her energetic nature and dry sense of humor endearing her to almost everyone she met. Some didn't appreciate the latter quality, but as far as Cassiopeia was concerned, that was their loss. She liked herself, and plenty of people liked her as well. She had inherited her mother’s fiery confidence—a sense of self-assuredness supplemented by a short fuse.

Cassiopeia is an extrovert through and through, expressing every thought and feeling she has. She wears her heart on her sleeve, not being afraid of getting hurt because if anyone tries, they’re going to get burned. She is a fire, and fires can either warm or burn, enlighten or ignite. She is fiercely protective over her friends and little sister, going as far as to beat people up for them. She is also loyal and, consequently, hopelessly stubborn. Once she has made up her mind, she sticks to her guns. So her sorting seems accurate in every way.

The headmaster. Cassiopeia never liked him. He was old and pruny and, as far as she knew, probably senile. His real problem was that he was outright mean, unfair, even. It seemed that no matter what they did, nothing was good enough. Tired of trying to win his approval, Cassiopeia did everything in her power to raise hell for him, and she always got in detention for it, but she never cared. It was fun, giving the old fart a taste of his own medicine. This only stopped when Greavish was arrested.

Samuel McMahon had only been a year younger than her. He had been among those lost in the train crash. The same train crash that had almost claimed her life after she’d been pinned under the debris. Someone came in to save her. She had cried at Samuel’s funeral. That wasn't something she did often. He’d been a friend to her, and now he was dead. She didn't know how to deal with that reality. So she got angry, lashing out at anyone who crossed her.

Right away, Cassiopeia had a bad feeling about Morrigan. It was so vague she couldn't explain it. She ignored it in favor of taking advantage of the freedom. She ditched classes, explored the forbidden forest, and partied in Hogsmeade for no reason other than she could. She loved being able to do whatever she wanted, but that bad feeling still loomed in the back of her mind, nagging at her. Even so, she ignored it. Then…

The Wolves.
News of the attack reached her at the same time it reached everyone else. Five had been attacked, one of them killed. A seventh year named Sawyer Lawson was dead. She remembered his presence in her classes. She’d always liked him, and now he was gone. Morrigan had trapped them in here with wolves. Lawson’s blood was on her hands. Cassiopeia joined the ranks of the resistance.

This is war, and she’ll be damned if she’s not going to fight.

 Posted: Jul 15 2017, 11:05 PM
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