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It's time for a little rest and recuperation. After a tumultuous schoolyear culminating in coordinated attacks upon both Hogwarts and London, magical citizens could certainly use a break. Summer is upon us, and while the immediate danger has passed, not every creature is taking the summer off.


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» Gallifont, Estelle Ashlyn, Julie
Estelle Gallifont
 Posted: Jun 26 2018, 09:58 PM
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Estelle Ashlyn Gallifont

11 years old. Student. Hogwarts. Slytherin. Landry Bender.

Julie. 27. EST. Discord.


Stella is a loud, energetic and curious little 11 year old. She prides herself on being the center of attention regardless of where she is. As long as someone is paying attention to her then she is happy. If it's positive attention that is. She is very quick to embarrass if she gets caught doing something dumb or being scolded or not doing something right in a embarrassing type way. Stella see's herself as a special snowflake and generally better at most things then other people. There are some exceptions! She knows what she's bad at and thinks those things are just lame and not worth knowing. But no one needs to see that. They don't need to know she's not amazing at absolutely everything. In general Stella's world revolves around Stella and there was very room for anyone else in it.

Despite this Stella likes to entertain, get a laugh, make people interested in her and what she's doing. Partly because she's a selfish child and partly because she actually enjoys making sure people are having a good time. If she could be the source of someones good day then that's amazing! Being a metamorphmagi it's pretty easy for her. Just change her hair or her eyes or some other part of her and oos and ahhs would abound. That is her go to when meeting new people. Hey, I can do something you can't. Be impressed. But she also likes to take up other sorts of entertaining hobbies like dance or acting or muggle card tricks or muggle puzzle toys. She likes things fast and hotly so she'd not particularly good at any of these things really. She just begs her parents for some little bit of the thing that would be her passion only for it to pretty quickly get tossed into a corner and forgotten. The only thing to really stick was a muggle lock pick kit she picked up with her allowance from a little shop her father was picking props up from. When she's quiet and focused she's more inclined to get things done, but that's a very rare occasion. It's also when her parents have to wonder what she's gotten into now.


Estelle's life has been full of drama! But only because she likes it that way.

Estelle Gallifont is the daughter of Joseph Collinger, Lindsey Garrison and Link Beaufont, Dad, Mom and Liddy. She is quiet proud of her rather unconventional family structure, she likes to say that she has 1/3 more love then other kids. When Estelle was born they didn't want to know who was really her father but that became clear pretty quickly. As she often likes to boast she is most definitely her fathers daughter, being that she and he are the only metamorphmagi in the family, besides some great grandma she'd never met. Because of this she was maybe a bit spoiled. Not only was she the baby of the family she also had a gift, and her father JC maybe took a little bit more of a shine to her then her sisters.

It did not take long for Estelle to figure out she was different. She was maybe 4 when she really knew. That involved a lot of climbing on her sisters and tweaking their noses and pulling their hair. It all stayed the same while hers could easily change. It also came with the realization that she could not go all the places her siblings did. Anywhere a muggle might see a wriggling multicolored child she was not allowed to go. It didn't happen often but it was definitely a point of jealousy with her siblings. But she never let them forget that she was something they could never be. Thus there has been quiet a bit of strain between her and her sisters. She loves them to pieces and was quiet sad when each left for school then Sarah moved out. But she could be a bit condescending which resulted in a lot of arguing and throwing of stuffed animals or bits of make up.

As a small child not being able to go to the muggle parts of town was not entirely a bad thing, it just meant she got to hang out with her dad and his patrons children at his remedial magic school. That was really were she got a taste for entertaining. There she had a captive audience of similarly ages kids and an assortment of costumes to play with. Her father always encouraged her to practice so being in a school was just the thing. She'd watch what she could from the children area and try to imitate it. This ended up in a long tearful conversation with JC about why she could not become a kitten.

Most of Stellas friends were in that school so it was pretty heart breaking for her when her father sold it and decided to move the lot of them to Dublin. There was crying and screaming and being sent to sit in various corners around the house. There was also a very short bid to run away but she gave that up before she got to the back fence. She came running back inside to fess up what she'd been planning to do and put herself in a corner as punishment.

Dublin turned out to not be as bad as she once thought it to be. At that point Estella had practiced enough that it was only really her hair and eyes that changed color along with her mood. So it was decided that as long as she wore a hat that covered all of her hair and some large sun glasses she could go out into the muggle world. That was the best thing Estella had heard in ages! Her hair stayed an excited curlie blonde for weeks after. First place she ventured was her mothers bakery where wearing a hair net was required anyway. Perfect to sink her little fingers into. She got really good at making fondant flowers. She would screw up her face and stick out her tongue and make them for ages. One of the few times she sat down and focused on something. But her fascination with baking didn't last, as happened with many of her 'absolute passions'. So instead she went to dance classes with Link. That was also amazingly fun! She had pretty good rhythm and could tap dance with the best of them. She was not allowed to participate in some of the classes though. A bit to adult for her, she was told. So she'd be sent out into the waiting area to work on studies or just draw. Sometimes instead she'd sneak away to see what she could get into. One of these times she accidentally opened one of the emergency doors which sent off all of the building alarms. Needless to say she was grounded for quiet a while for that.

Estelle was not really one to pay attention to news but when it involved her siblings she had to. After the Hogwarts Express crash and the idea that maybe her sister would not come back from Hogwarts this year it made her think. She spent as much time as she could with Sarah and her family while the dorm was up around Hogwarts. She kept as busy as possible and mostly just got in Sarah's hair figuratively and literally. She didn't like to admit it but she was pretty scared, and not for herself. She just wanted to hold her family as close to her as humanly possible.

When the dome fell and some bad guy that Estelle wasn't really sure about was defeated she was over the moon! Hogwarts would be safe again for when she went to school which would be soon! Of course she had gotten her letter in the post. It was safe for her to be excited to go to Hogwarts again. There was no more need to worry about any grown up things. She was super special! She was going to be in a super special house and make super special friends and nothing was going to go wrong anymore because all of those stupid things were done. Stef was back so she's spent the summer hanging out in her hair, much to Sarah's relief. It was time to spend a bunch of time with her, though not as much because SHE was going to school with her anyway. Stef better be prepared for Estelle was going to upstage her for sure!


In her unaltered state Estelle has long wavy dark brown hair, dark eyes and a rather rounded face. She is pretty average height and weight for a girl her age. Just like her 'passions' her sense of fashion is all over the place. She had a long time where overalls were the best thing in the world. Currently she is very fond of dresses and big floppy hats. Hats are almost always part of her outfits. It started out to cover her hair when it went wild but now she just happens to like them. Give her a hat and she will probably be your best friend until she gets bored with it.

When feeling any sort of strong emotions it's Estelles hair and eyes that decide to wander the color spectrum. her hair also likes to change lengths occasionally which is the most frustrating thing that happens. She likes her hair long so when he decides to be short she is not a fan. Luckily her eyes tend to stay the same size, unless she's crying then they tend to grow it bit larger. Her eyes and hair vary in color but not usually to a color that matches her emotion, like red for anger of blue for sadness. It just seems to be random or whatever color she see's around. Pink is the most common color for her to be with blonde and green coming in at a distant second. Green is quiet embarrassing to her so naturally it happens most when she's embarrassed. These changes can sometimes get stuck for a while and that's even worse.

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